Thoughtful Provocation.



Thoughtful Provocation” is my way of merging the old with the new – for me creative work matters and strategy helps it achieve the required results.

Boothism No 1, in order to be a good planner, you must first listen and understand the consumer. The role of a planner began with the premise of searching for a balance between insights, truths and facts and the ability to argue, based on their independent merits, what a brand should stand for. To be able to do this well, in the words of Jon Steel, don’t be… “clever, but be useful”.

Boothism No 2, Digging for what clients really need to make their businesses successful poses the biggest challenge for planners. Does our client need Washington or Hollywood in terms of our approach to the discipline? Washington being the more rigourous, authoritative, category-centric, consumer closeness approach; Hollywood being the radical, culturally conscious, category bursting approach.  Neither approach lives in isolation of the other, in fact it’s where the two collide that tensions fly and planning fuels interesting work through “Thoughtful Provocation”.

Boothism No 3, Planners need to combine both rigour and radicalness in their thinking to dig properly and it is easier today to combine the two as in this era of planning we have all begun to understand how the brain works. Behavioural Economics has had to Nudge our thinking forward and Kahnemen’s views on “System One” thinking means that it is a great life if you don’t reason too much over creative ideas. Over the years the role of a planner has always been challenged and has therefore had to adapt; Boothism No 4, so where did the digital era take planning, its birth was widely acclaimed as one of the fastest and hardest technological changes since the Industrial Revolution. How are planners dealing with this? – the fact that 97% of the Worlds data has been created in the past two years – they’re combining magic and maths, turning vast amounts of data into insight and insight into interesting and influential strategies.

I still think that the building blocks of planning still remain the same. So what does this mean for our clients and how we help them solve their problems. It’s my view that all our  ideas need nurturing  through  “Thoughtful Provocation”.

There has never been a better time to get curious.

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